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Virtualize Your Backup

Why Do I Need an Off-Site Virtual Backup?
  • Provides a fully functional virtual copy of your server in case of disaster.

  • Can be utilized as a remote Cloud server if building or office space is lost in a disaster.

  • Prevents downtime if your server crashes and takes time to fix or replace parts.

  • Provides a test-bed for new software/application trial runs without using the online server.

  • Provides an alternative way to restore emails or files.

    A complete server failure can take up to two weeks to fully recover from using a regular backup. A virtual backup will ensure that your server is back up and running the same day in a virtual environment until your actual server can be repaired or replaced. Virtually no downtime.

How Does This Process Work?

Backing an entire server up to the Cloud is not a practical solution for most businesses because it requires immense bandwidth and constant uploads. This strains your Internet connection and costs more money for the high speeds. Our backup system does not require any changes to your current Internet bandwidth.


Our virtual backup system works alongside your current server’s backup. We will add one extra drive that will be swapped once a week to an off-site location by one of your employees. We will then come on-site once a month to make a new virtual copy of your server.


Should the need arise for the virtual backup system to be utilized, it can be immediately brought online and updated with the most recent off-site backup drive.

Basically, by visiting your office and creating a new virtual backup once a month, along with the weekly drive swaps, you will always have an updated copy of your server stored off-site.

Where Will My Backup Be Stored?

You can choose to store your backup drive yourself or you can have NetCare store it for you. The backup drive will be fully encrypted so that no data can be recovered if it falls into the wrong hands. The password to unencrypt the drive will only be known by you and NetCare.


Should you choose to have NetCare store the encrypted drive, it will be kept in a fireproof safe in our office in Clearwater under lock and key and secured by motion activated security cameras.

What Do I Need?
We will send you a custom quote based on your business's specific needs. For a single server, you will need the items listed below.
  • Three external hard drives.

    • Two hard drives will be swapped weekly by an employee at your office.

    • One backup drive will be used only for the monthly virtual backups.

  • One visit from NetCare per month to create a new virtual backup of the server.



What is a Virtual Backup?

A virtual backup is an exact replica of your server that can be mounted and brought online without relying on the physical server. Basically, it is a copy of your physical server that can be used in case the primary server is damaged or lost.


Imagine that your server has crashed. You have a backup, but you have to wait for replacement parts. What do you do in the mean time? If you have a virtual backup then you can have your server up and running in a virtual environment while it is being repaired or waiting on replacement parts.


A virtual backup eliminates downtime when your server is in need of repair or is damaged beyond repair by providing a fully functional virtual copy of your server.

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