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NetCare offers a wide variety of services that can be customized to meet your small business needs at an affordable rate. Please take some time to read about our services and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for visiting us!



The most important part of your business is your technology. The most important thing for your technology is a backup! We are experts at implementing a wide range of backup solutions both on-site and off, workstation or server. We will also monitor your backup to make sure it keeps running. Let us keep your information secure!

Server Support


Got an in-house server? Need one? We can help with that. We are experts at installing, maintaining, and planning migrations of server infrastructures. Got an old server and need a solution to migrate or keep it running? We can help! Regardless of whether you have one server or five, old or new, we can help you with your immediate and long term needs.

Personal Support


Our number one and the service we are most proud of is our personal support. Just like you, we too are a small business that understands the frustration that computer issues can cause. We will get to know you and your computers on a first name basis. Don't worry about having to give us your account number when you call! Talk to a real person immediately.

New Computers


Need a new computer? Do you want a new Dell or a custom built computer? We can get you both. Need a new server? No problem! Let us send you a quote that is customized for your small business. Whether you need a quick replacement computer or a sleek and shiny new server, we can meet your needs. Request a quote today!



We like backups. Can you tell? Aside from having an internal backup, how about a virtual copy of your important servers and computers stored off-site for disaster recovery purposes? A virtual image of your servers will do just that. Have an old computer and need to keep the operating system? Virtualize it! Ask us for more info!

Cloud Services


Today, many small businesses no longer need an in-house server to store their important files. Ever heard of the Cloud? We can help you migrate your information to the Cloud, which is not as scary as it seems! Have your information available from anywhere! Let us explain the Cloud and the benefits it offers to you!

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