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What is NetCare?

NetCare, Inc. is a unique PC support company that specializes in providing affordable help desk, troubleshooting, repair, and systems administration support to small businesses.  They achieve this in the same professional manner as corporate IT (information technology) departments, from which their owner and founder has his roots. 


The services of NetCare make small businesses money by enabling their employees to focus on their jobs and by keeping downtime from cutting into profits and productivity. Succinctly, NetCare is an affordable IT department for your small business that is vital for increasing your revenues and giving you the competitive advantage you need!


NetCare’s owner and founder, who has a work background in corporate business settings in information systems departments as a certified system administrator and network engineer, as well as a help desk administrator, has crafted NetCare to be the perfect compliment to small business computer and network support needs.


What does NetCare do?

Small businesses receive professional and friendly 24.7 help desk services, immediate remote and onsite support assistance, expert consultation and upgrade assistance, and periodic maintenance at affordable rates. 


The bottom line is they are an asset that yields a substantial return on investment.  They do this by keeping small businesses from having to hire full-time IT employees and by ensuring systems are reliable and dependable.  Moreover, this keeps employees focused on business objectives instead of spending time on IT issues and becoming IT experts.



How long has NetCare been doing this?

NetCare, Inc. has been providing these services in the Tampa Bay area since 1999 and currently services over two hundred active accounts as if each one was a workgroup or a single department within a large corporation.


NetCare knows what small businesses require. They can custom engineer the exact networking system that is necessary to meet small business objectives by spending less. To this end NetCare was incorporated and has been honed through the years.



What is NetCare’s mission?

NetCare meets the needs of small businesses that get overlooked and ignored by larger support companies. Larger support companies have their eyes set on projects that provide big cash margins and, consequently, they are not interested in supporting daily operations in small businesses. 


NetCare is very unique in this regard and hardly has a real rival in the market place. NetCare is truly a “no-brainer” for small businesses. Small businesses literally cannot go wrong with the services of NetCare! In actual fact, they increase their bottom lines!



How can NetCare help?

NetCare can set up an entire business system that requires no onsite server or expensive equipment that is totally portable, so employers can work from home as easily as from work. 

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